The Coolest New Place To Stay In Gili T

Good morning! How are you? I just woke up, having coffee & going through pictures from 2 or 3 months ago,…

when we went in to a small island – Gili Trawangan.  Gili Trawangan is one of 3 small idyllic atolls located off the North west coast of Lombok. and  just a two hour boat trip from Bali.

We chose to stay in the new place called Villas Edenia.

Tucked behind layers of lush palm trees (don’t miss to try fresh harvested coconut!) secluded villas have everything, and more, that you could want in your vacation home.

We started the day with a coffee, nice breakfast and lots of fresh fruit, and then we hung out by the pool for a while and shot lots of photos. Later on we took some bicycles and went for a ride around the island(and shot lots of photos as well:) At night we had dinner (they have a choice of Mediterranean and Asian food, so…) and went to bed early.
Then we repeated it over and over the following few days!

Upon visiting this beautiful villa, I realized one thing right away. They get it!
They clearly understand what people are looking for, and they know how to package it in the most remarkable way with the specific intention of allowing their guests to take a break from the fast-paced world, encouraging the slow approach to life.

Go ahead, slow down, disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with those around you. The moments you spend here, the memories you create, will last a lifetime. (especially if you take as many photos as we did:)

It was really hard to leave… would love to move in forever, haha!

Talk to you soon!!! 

For more info on Villas Edenia, check out their web site.

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