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Good Morning Everyone!

Now that the studio is growing and we have more and more going on every day, I’m really trying to do everything in my power to stay organized (yup, accent is on trying).

So in this post I wanted to mention a few things just to keep you updated.

Let’s start with the “champagne popping” announcement!!!

We redesigned our web site (finally) and now you can see all projects we were busy with last few months!!! Especially pay attention on new chapters Advertorial & Live Portrait.

Moving on….

 If you skip text and scroll down you will notice more pics than usually. Reason:

This lovely lady booked us two days in a row and we been shooting her on few different locations.

…and as a result I spent an hour selecting photos for this post … and … that’s not the point:)

If you are interested to do the same and go around the island with a professional photographer just drop us a message! This activity will definitely make your stay in Bali a memorable event, and it is a cool and unusual way to bring home the most unique souvenir from your exotic getaway.

That all folks! For now….

Enjoy the photos and talk to you soon!


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