Opposite of being Lazy

Good morning!!!
It’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything here.
But it wasn’t because I was lazy. Actually, it was opposite.
Although is writing for this blog one of my fav things… it is peak of the season and the Island is fully packed..
So many things are going on and… well… priorities!

I’m excited to share great newsDSB started a collaboration with two new partners!
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Well, there, truth is that being busy in June and not having time brought me to the idea (first unconsciously) that June should be my “digital detox” month.
Light version of detox:)… not 100% without gadgets & internet, but in moderation.
I still used What’s app, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail,… for (basic, necessary) communication and work.

And it wasn’t bad at all. It was.. good?
Easier than I thought it would be!
I slept better, spent more time outdoors, prepared lots of long cooking meals, even read few books (printed on paper with hardcovers!!!)
I feel better. My cat is definitely happier (little grumpy L.O.V.E. attention).
So don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to play smart here… just wanted to share a positive experience and if you can’t do it in the real life… maybe can try while on vacation?
Just a little bit.
Breathe. Disconnect. Reconnect. Calm down… enjoy evening ocean breeze…

Happy July Everyone!
Lots of Love!



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