Let the Sun Brighten Your Day

Nature is the best studio.


One thing I love about being a photographer in Bali is the #endless summer weather all year long. We’re able to comfortably shoot outdoors any time of year (all right…rainy season,…I know..ones we’ll discuss about it).

I truly believe that sun is the medicine for a lot of things (my mood being one of them). When the sun is out and the sky is blue, I instantly feel happier, more creative and more energetic.
So I feel so lucky to get to go outside for one picnic photo shoot like this.

I guess its not every day that we get to work with mum who had prepared everything and already had the whole concept in her head. She certainly knows that a good life is a collection of happy moments!
Thank you, Uli for nice afternoon & hope to see you guys soon.

Enjoy the photos….xoxo

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