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DECEMBER – the month of joy, happiness, and to finish what you started. I am sitting above the keyboard of my laptop for probably around

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Dreaming about….beach?

Hello everybody!!! With rainy day like this (or more correct rainy dayS) what can I do than browse through nice sunny pics on Instagram? Yup! Instagram!

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October mood

  Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by… October is already here! I’m sitting next to the window… it’s dark outside…and I’m mesmerized by sound

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A head full of dreams

Lately I have a strange hobby… I click, click, click,…… Randomly… left, right, up & down… And than over again & again! ON MY OWN

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The Creative Spirit

Sundays are for,….organizing and reorganizing files, copy/paste, delete,…drag and drop, backup, upload, download, transfer,…hard disks, sd cards, flash drives,….especially if it’s the first one in

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Ok, but first coffee!

All I want is to drink perfect coffee in the perfect outfit. Everyday! I red this google wisdom somewhere and and for somebody with a

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Bali Kite Festival

Hello folks and thanks for stopping by…….. It’s been a little bit over 1 year since we have moved to Bali… I always love to wonder

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Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

My job is sometimes my greatest excuse for instagram addiction that I’m (lately) guilty of…. So this little insta inspo serie is like a natural……natural……product

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Colors & Colors Only!

  One of my favorite things about Instagram is looking for some photogenic places to visit. Here are a few (insta worthy) places I’d love to head to… For

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Something Special

It’s amazing how such a little person can turn the whole world around.     I’m really excited to finally release these images. We shot

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