Bali Artists for Bali Animals

A few months ago, we joined forces with some of Bali’s artists by launching “Bali Artists for Bali Animals”. This is an initiative to raise awareness of stray animals and to help raise funds to improve animal welfare on Bali.

There are nearly 500,000 stray dogs and cats on Bali and only a few active organizations on the island doing their best to improve their lives including,  VILLA KITTYLUCKY DOG RESCUEBAWA, BARC &  BALI PET CRUSADERS.

Volunteers, Bali artists, designers, models, and photographers contribute to create photography and video content using stray dogs  through their social media channels. It is hoped that this will lead to :

–        reaching a wider audience and raising awareness of the problems of stray Bali dogs and cats; and

–          raising funds and promoting the adoption of stray dogs and cats on the Island.

This has been the first  photoshoot for this cause. All dogs have been rescued. Some are still looking for a welcoming, permanent home. If you want to help or contribute to this project in anyway please speak up and give us your views by sending us email: or 

Special thanks to our designers, and models volunteers who were participating on this shoot.

Models:  Luisa RuscheLiliane Avalos, Anastasia Belikova,  Caleigh Swanson  

Make up: Valeriya Kudryashova

Designers: Marta Valbuena , Tabudesign, Us and ThemAnamas Gypsy. Coconut Milk. 

Below are the images that we have taken on this shoot, hope you like it how they have turned out!

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