Things to be Thankful For

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault

Well, we made it through Thanksgiving weekend and I have a feeling (not just a feeling actually I can prove it) that most of platforms I follow published some kind of article: things to be thankful for….

And that’s all right. During festive season everybody reminds themselves what they need to be thankful for…. But here is the controversy:

During the year all google lifestyle gurus teach us how we need to enjoy every day finding little things which make us happy. And don’t get me wrong I agree, completely agree!

But all of the sudden around Thanksgiving Day we’re kind of forgetting those little things and all what we thankful about is family, health, carieer, friends, nature, peace in the World (kind of)…

So while we are chasing something bigger or something better the small things that make our life special (during the rest of the year) often go unnoticed.

In the name of that this post is devoted to all those little underestimated things,…

pom poms,…well everywhere

dry shampoo (girls know why)

internet (not sure is it big or little thing?)

alone time

group chat with friends

hot showers

pinterest cats (or donuts?)

good hair day

new season of fav tv show

farmer’s market

Pink instagram accounts

chocolate with chilli


old playlists


Ginger lemon tea

waking up in the morning and feeling like you have enough sleep…….





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