The Creative Spirit

Sundays are for,….organizing and reorganizing files, copy/paste, delete,…drag and drop, backup, upload, download, transfer,…hard disks, sd cards, flash drives,….especially if it’s the first one in month,….yeah,,…that’s life,…and you can make your own rules…
Look at that from the good side,… How many calories I have avoided being busy on Sunday while all of my friends enjoying brunches next to the pool?!?

And I find myself really enjoying this process. I do!
Going through all files from previous month,… it’s like a little ritual,…recap…so I can step into the next month relaxed with clear picture without that annoying feeling that I missed something…

and speaking of which,…I found these pictures that I’d completely forgotten about but I really enjoyed scrolling through …so I wanted to share them with the rest of the World (so pretentious).

I can not explain what is all about (and behind) traditional Balinese ceremonies, and I know that there is many with different purposes and meanings,…but let’s enjoy colors, costumes, happy faces, and appreciate a lot of handcraft special made for the occasion.

Not too superficial from my side, I hope so….
Have a great week ahead!!!

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