Summer forever

Before I start, let me have a moment to freak out over the fact that it’s September already. Not cool…

In my mind that’s means goodbye summer – hello school, sweaters, boots, leaves on the ground,wind & lots of rainy days…pumpkin pie, hot wine, thick books and tartan blanket ( when I put it this way,…doesn’t sound bad at all….)

But…(pic of fireworks here) not this year,… not on this beautiful island!!! Summer forever….

So, finally getting around to post one of my favorite shoots I did at the end of July.

Melia garden is a fantastic place to shoot family photos, scenery is just beautiful all year round!!! I really love the way it turned out (partly) because of the scenery and (of course, mostly) because adorable models!!!

Enjoy this month wherever you are!!!


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