Silent Day

Good morning everybody!

Yesterday we celebrated The Nyepi Day, Balinese New Year.

I don’t wanna go through historical and cultural facts and informations about Nyepi (anyway you can read post from the last year, if interested).

…something else is on my mind.

Today we live in time when being busy is so common and natural that taking time for rest almost feels like a sin. We live scheduled lives. We go to work, gym, shopping, cinema,… simple coffee with friends is pre planned a few days in advance. Even on the odd days when we do have a completely free schedule we guilt ourselves into feeling bad that we’re not “doing something useful’.

Not cool at all!

It goes so far that in December every year when we should be in the happiest festive mood we stress ourselves with … buying Christmas gifts, finishing yearly reports, buying ingredients for Christmas lunch, organise family gatherings,  making plans for NYE party,( and how many times I wanted to stay home..but..), choosing the perfect dress, …..  eating the way too much and at the same time making plans for super diet (starting from January 1st). And in all that chaos we are making New Years Resolutions which we break usually in February (and here’s the another reason for being stressed and depressed!)

Why? Why? Why?

Because we need a rest!

Now let’s talk about Balinese way of celebrating New Year.

24h. In silence. Empty streets. Without lights. No electricity. No work. No entertainment or pleasure.

The day is reserved for self-introspection.

Yet, as much as I love my busy schedule I also believe in importance of taking a day off. To unwind and recharge.  So yesterday I dedicated all day to absolutely doing nothing. *

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi!

Happy Silent Day!



* recommended few times per year

** wherever you are

*** I know I’m not alone in this;)

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