Silence day

      or Happy New 1938!

Silent Day……I have been looking forward to the Silent Day, well…..since the first time I have heard about it. I had so many questions so finally when day got really close I had picture in my head what to do, so…

Full fridge, last Oscar nominated movies on playlist (although we didn’t watch any , but we red a lot!:), windows covered, speakers off,… and we were really happy to spend one entire guilty free* day in the house:)….

So, what is the silent day?

Silent Day or Nyepi is the most important and sacred Hindu holiday on Bali and is a general public holiday in the rest of Indonesia. The famous ogoh-ogoh parades, where Balinese men (and boys) carry scary creatures of respectable sizes through the streets accompanied by noise and gamelan music is happening on “Nyepi Eve”, the evening of the second day after New Year. Tourists and visitors are welcome to watch the parades, take pictures and witness this unique spectacle. Some of these ogoh-ogohs are actually burnt after the parade.On the actual day of Nyepi (3rd day of the 6-day festival) the entire Island is “closed”. The roads are off limit to all types of motorised vehicles and people on foot! The airport is closed. All grocery, clothes and other types of shops are closed. For tourists and Balinese. Restaurants are closed. The Beach is prohibited. Basically anything other then being indoors is restricted. While indoors the inhabitants must ensure that all audio devices are turned down to a minimum volume. As the day draws to an end and the sun sets, the curtains need to be drawn shut, with minimum light being used in ones living quarter. If an airplane was to fly over Bali, the Island would not be seen. To ensure that all the rules are obeyed local watchmen known as Pecalang (Nyepi Police) are deployed all over the Island. However, Balinese New Year is celebrated for 6 days with Nyepi – the day of silence, being only one aspect of it. **

And for the end, just want to say that after experienced my first Nyipi, I want one every month!

Guilty free!

*it is really hard to stay at home when you get at least 3 msg per day: Have you ever been….it fantastic!  Oh, you must go to the,… is delicious! Let’s meet up on the beach! The new place is so photogenic….There is sale in Zara:)

** source

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