October mood


Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by…

October is already here!

I’m sitting next to the window… it’s dark outside…and I’m mesmerized by sound of really heavy rain …
It’s really easy to pretend I’m not in Bali!
Mostly people complain about rainy days,… but on the always sunny island I found myself really enjoying these gloomy days.

October = rain + hot wine + 7 seasons TV show formula will be stacked in my head forever (maybe?).

The perfect excuse for coziness level up!

So, just not to go out of my comfort zone today and stay in… the mood…
in today’s post there’s no need for the introduction.
If you been following this blog (or any of our SM) these faces are already more than familiar to you.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is baby Scarlett! Growing up so fast…
Her parents are doing such a great job!!!

And guess what? Grannies are coming the next month!


Scroll down for 100% of cuteness and stay tuned,… more yet to come!







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