Midnight oil

Hey guys!
I’m burning the midnight oil here but really want to publish this post…
Those of you who follow us on Instagram probably have seen a picture or two from this awesome photo session.

I’ve said a million times so far that for good photography you need beautiful girl and you can shoot even with disposable camera…
Other fellow photographers usually take it as a joke (but not funny one) or just they just rolled their eyes up in “I just saw my brain” manner,… The most stubborned ones (or lets say with the strongest attitude) just like to push all the photography rules (lighting, posing, compositions and lots of technical things) straight to my face!
I get it! ok?
It was a joke!!!

She shouldn’t be just beautiful,…she should know how to pose…as well:) Hahaha!!!! I’m kidding, again!

But then I’m looking at these pics,…and frankly I’m not sure who to give credit to??? Beautiful Maria or… the photographer?

Let’s say that people in front and behind the camera are equally important.

Is everybody happy now? Beautiful end of the day….(I’m not nutella but) I made everybody happy:)

Good night… Talk to you soon…

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