Married near the Ocean


Hey Guys! It’s been a little while…
Time flies when you’re having fun busy. It’s already (almost the middle) of December and it’s the busiest month ever!
Those days we are spending our time planning, shooting, brainstorming,…like we are trying to do as much as possible before the big holiday fever!

It’s kinda crazy…but really wonderful too.

But let’s go back to the title: Married near the Ocean
The Bali coast is so diverse, vast beaches, lush greenery all year long, impressively large rock formation,…just name it!

Patric & Kristina chose Melia Bali garden as a perfect background for their wedding day. Sand beach, beautiful garden mixed with traditional Balinese architecture…
Just love everything about this!

I hope that you had a great weekend and are ready to kick off this new week with lots of energy and good inspiration flow!




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