Here comes the Sun!

January is a peak of the rainy season in Bali, in one day we can experience bright sun ,rain showers, thunders, wind… and then by the end of the day you could also see amazing sunset with incredible colors, like nothing happened…

Due to this weather we were going back in forward with Tejrar family who wanted to have a photo session, but due to rain we been moving the dates and timing. Finally sun was up and we were ready to do the session.

This is their very first time doing a family session and I’m so thrilled when they asked me to do the photoshoot for them.

I love doing family portrait session, mainly cause I love kids. Their children were very well behaved and have amazing connection, hanging out with them made me smile… constantly!!

We were very blessed with such a beautiful day and the lighting was just amazing!

I hope you like how images have turned out!








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