Bali Kite Festival

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It’s been a little bit over 1 year since we have moved to Bali… I always love to wonder around and discover new, exciting and interesting spots and things to do… After all these months of living in Island of the Gods I released that lots of things here are run by power of wind. One of them is the island famous Bali Kites Festival – we were more than happy to visit and find out what makes it so special (like, bright blue sky decorated with numerous huge colorful kites?!?).

If anything can divert hundreds of people’s eyes from their smartphones towards the sky all at once, it’s kites… The festival is aimed at promoting traditional Balinese kites and preserving local culture. Kite flyings are split into 300 per day, and then divided into smaller groups, with each group of about 25 fliers getting around 20 minutes to fly their homemade kites. All of the kites are built by the flyers themselves, often with the help of their local communities, and must be crafted with traditional Balinese kite patterns.

Two of the most common kite designs include the giant ‘bebean’, or fish outline style, and the birdlike ‘janggan’, which has short and round wings with long ‘kedeber’ ribbon tails, according to Bali magazine. Though judges assess all kites for their flying abilities and award the winners with a small sum of money and trophies, most flyers reportedly care more about having fun, making the most impressive kites and representing their home villages.

Many flyers try to make their creations as big as possible, as bigger kites have a stronger chance of winning because it takes more skill to control them in the air compared to smaller ones.*      

Here are a few little snaps we captured last Saturday!

And don’t worry if you missed out on the main opening festival events in July. There are various competitions to witness throughout the second half of the year…

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