A Walk on the (Honey)Moon

A lot of exciting things have happened during the past couple of weeks months (soon we will be able to share some of them) – which means it’s been a little bit crazy busy at times. Between shootings, editing, meetings, maintaining social media, and some not so glamorous work like doing taxes, creating schedules, making sure all invoices are paid,…some not so glamorous meetings,…it is a real pleasure to slow down a little bit, take a coffee and share some of our work with with the World!

So, without further talking…let me present you Guillermo & Stephanie! Coming all the way from Mexico & traveling around Asia for a while, it was a real privilege to do their honeymoon shoot! There is something about these photos that I really like,…atmosphere… love in the air…brick wall as a background…can not find words to describe it,… Take a look!

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