A Never Ending Loop of Thoughts

According to the robots at Google, July 1st marks the official halfway point of 2016.

And it makes me thinking….(ops)!

I don’t know about you, but I’m very happy where I’m now. And no, this is not another(how to…) article about life goals and achievements… I”m talking about simple everyday little joys….that help me to celebrate each day and find happiness in simple things …

Break a year into the months, months into weeks, weeks into days… And at the end it all comes down to little everyday things – funny movie, coffee with friends, good workout, unexpected encounters, successful selfie, planning next road trip, bbq, really sweet watermelon, smell of fresh baked bread,….making perfect summer playlist,…

Cheers to that!

Ok, after all this random thoughts,…let’s come back on the photos,…


Star of today’s post is Nancy,…And when I said star I really meant that.

She loves the camera and the camera loves her back.

Hope you will like photos as much as we love them!

Stay tuned & stay happy!

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